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About Kumar

About Kumar - Founder of M & I Luxury Charters

Welcome to the world of M & I Luxury Charters, a dream realised and nurtured by our founder, Kumar aka Pankaj Kumar. His journey began in 2013, fueled by a vision to create an unparalleled luxury chauffeur service in Perth, Australia. His entrepreneurial spirit and unwavering customer satisfaction dedication have been the cornerstone of the company’s success.

The company’s name, inspired by his daughters Mishka (M) and Inayat (I), is a testament to his belief in family values and personalised service. Hailing from a background rich in diverse experiences, Kumar has always been driven by a commitment to excellence. His personal touch in business operations and his deep understanding of what luxury travel should entail have shaped the ethos of M & I Luxury Charters. 

Under Kumar’s leadership, M & I Luxury Charters has evolved into a symbol of luxury and reliability. His meticulous attention to detail and passion for providing an exclusive travel experience are evident in every aspect of the company. From selecting a diverse and luxurious fleet to training professional chauffeurs, Kumar ensures that each client’s journey is nothing short of extraordinary.

A strong advocate of sustainable practices, he has also introduced eco-friendly options like Tesla rentals, aligning the company with modern environmental concerns. His vision extends beyond just transportation; it’s about creating memorable experiences for each client.

Kumar’s philosophy of blending luxury with a personal touch continues to drive the company’s growth and reputation. He is not just the founder but the heart of M & I Luxury Charters, continually striving to elevate the standard of luxury travel in Perth.